Role in band – Twat

Instruments played – Is played the right word – Have you considered the word “Throttled”?

Influences – Herman’s Hermits, Queen, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Del Amitri, Elvis Costello, Led Zep, The Beatles etc.

Loves – Sleep

Hates – Awake

Hi – Ho

Low – Down bum

Up – Yours

Down – Going

Addictions – Everything
Role in band – Drinking partner and psychologist

Instruments played – Bass, occasional chord on acoustic guitar (if Stew lets me), small pot with rice inside shaken vigorously…… does “computer” count? – or random hits on the keyboard to trigger percussion?

Influences – 60’s 70’s and 80’s Classic Rock

Loves – Stew’s Les Paul played hard through that Mesa Boogie combo

Hates – French horn and oboe parts

Hi – Deleting French horn and oboe parts

Low – Writing this

Up – What are you on?

Down – I give up…..

Addictions – I daren’t say!
Role in band – Backing vocals

Instruments played – The tambourine. In various shapes and sizes

Influences – Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale, Ronnie James Dio, Freddie Mercury, Paul Rogers, Tom Jones, Yes, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughan, System Of A Down, The Cardiacs, Mozart, Handel, Rachmaninov, The Beatles

Loves – My children, music, sunshine, dancing

Hates – My wobbly belly, injustice, the cold

Hi – Not very often these days

Low – Yes quite often

Up – Early

Down – As per “Low”

Addictions – Caffeine and biscuits. Quite often together