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Our Very First Blog Post


And a warm hello to anyone that takes the time to bother reading the twisted babblings contained within this shiny new web site.
This has been such a long time coming….

Just to have a place where people can listen to our music and know what we are about is amazing. A true exorcism of music, bad blood, perverted screamings and phlegm..... Wonderful!

If like us, you love real music, we hope you will take the time to listen to the selection of tracks we have launched with this website. Like them or not, it’s all we have to offer this cruel world (Or at least for a few months).

“A Loving like yours”, and “Let you go”, are the oldest songs on this release whilst “Only a fool like me”, “You shouldn’t be hurting me”, and “Only the morning sun”, were written and recorded over the last couple of years.

When we say “Real music”, we are referring to the type of song writing where, no matter how the song is recorded and no matter what technology has been employed within that process; somebody can sit down with a guitar or a piano to sing and perform that song and it can exist in its own right. Something many artists would struggle with these days!

Welcome To The Workhouse
A brief introduction is probably in order……

Who we iz

“The Workhouse” is currently Stewart Allen and Phil Crombie with much appreciated backing vocals from Esther Burns. In addition The Workhouse enjoys input from mentor/producer Gwyn Mathias.

We are a band that has had a wheel turning, in one way or another, under this name since 1987.

What we duz

We write, record, engineer, and perform all our own original material.

Over the years our music has had various tags attached to it; AOR, Heavy rock, Dance, Folk, Country even Electro. To be honest we are probably all of these and more. We have never adopted a set style with the songs we create. Our intention has always been to go in whatever direction the song we are writing at the time wants to lead us. The main aim is to have an end result that is honest, good music that may leave the listener with something. (Scabies / a dose ?) No, whether it be a parting emotion of happiness, anger, melancholy or even a complete hatred of what we do. We aspire to provoke something.

What we do is difficult to pigeon hole or be identified as a certain genre and that has probably worked against us commercially but, to try and market us as one thing is not what we are about.

We are not currently set up as a live group but that may change!

Stewart and Phil record and create their original material in their own little studio “The Home Breaker Recording Company”.

We can offer services including creation of music for other bands and artists, TV, film and radio as well as negotiating the use of or possible purchase of our Workhouse songs (Current and back catalogue).



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